mazze se jio healthy raho

Mazze Se Jio Healthy Raho

Enjoyable life is healthy life. Life without Mazza can be unfit!

And if Mazza doubles through healthy and natural ingredients, then life just gets deliciously healthy!

Puzzles snacks and namkeen are made of 100% natural ingredients. Every product from the house of Puzzles is safe and healthy


Puzzles is…

Transfat Free
Transfats are created by the use of hydrogenated oils and although they are edible, consumption of transfats has shown to increase the risk of coronary heart diseases. We, at Puzzles, take strict measures to ensure all our products are made with only pure edible oil, therefore eliminating the risks of transfats in our products.

MSG Free
Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a common food additive that has been used to flavor dishes for ages. However, consuming MSG in high quantity is not recommended for children as it may cause a variety of health problems. Complying with all the necessary guidelines we make sure that only right natural ingredients are used in preparing your favorite snack dishes.

Preservatives Free
The safety of many artificial food preservative additives have come under the scrutiny of many medical professionals, as they have been known to cause reparatory and other health problems. Knowing that most of our products are for kids – we take utmost care to make sure that quality is never compromised.

Cholesterol Free
We are proud to say that all Puzzles products contain zero percent cholesterol. High cholesterol levels in the body can cause a variety of health problems, including cardiovascular disease, stroke and other serious ailments. Make the smart choice for you and your kids today!

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