Chips Manufacturer in India, your Snacking Buddy!

Snacking is something that we all equally enjoy. Being chips manufacturers in India, we were certain to not forget to bring flavoured chips for you. We’re sure you would want to try all the different Puzzles Potato Chips flavours and choose the one you like the mist!

Becoming a Chips Manufacturer in India

Our journey of becoming wholesale chips manufacturer in India involved thorough research on how the country enjoys its food. On this path, we discovered your love for chips and snacks. A favorite among all age groups. We give credit to the pArfectly crisp fried potato, lip-smacking seasoning and aromatic spices for making our chips so special, especially among the younger audience who enjoy the added flavours to their favourite potato chips. To make a place in your heart, homes, and bellies, we use the freshest potatoes and most flavourful spices to create potato chips that you shall relish.

Tomato Flavoured Potato Chips Manufacturer

The sweet and tangy tomato has the juiciest and sweetest flavours. We would not miss adding this element to the crispy potato chips. We have blended this with our secret mix of spices to make a tangy-spicy treat. Perfect for an audience who enjoys experimenting with their food with fun Flavors, this is a great pick for you. You can pair this with a dip or enjoy it alone. This will be a delight to bite into.

Try Masala Potato Chips from our Wholesale Store

Our crispy potato chips are prepared from carefully picked potatoes, fried to a perfection and sprinkled with a blend of perfectly balanced spices to bring an explosion of intense flavour to your mouth. With a crunch and divine taste, you can also team this with your fast food, for a crisp with your burgers, pizza, and sandwich or elevate the chips' Flavors with a cheesy dip. One thing we can guarantee if you are having our chips, you are going to have a great food experience.

Classic Salted Chips Manufacturer in India

No matter what flavour you add, it is always incomplete without a dash of salt. We decided to give the salt its due respect by dedicating a flavour of chips to it. Our salted wafers are subtle yet have a classic taste to them. This is a popular choice among those who enjoy simpler elements on their palate. With carefully picked potatoes and salt seasoning, this flavour is everything to love! Even on days, you are observing a fast, this packet of wafers shall be your companion.

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