In search of Mazza,
Came one man,
Like a kid, he’d wonder,
Like a super-hero he ran

Seeking Mazza,
He flew to the sun,
Solving exciting riddles,
Jigsaws of fun,
“Mazza where are you?”
He shouted and yelled,
But reply he found none

Till he cracked it open,
A delicious pack of fun,
“’Puzzles’ shall be its name”,
“It will have Mazza like none!”

The carrier of Mazza,
And hero of fun,
Puzzles is his snack,
Excitement in every pack

‘PuzzHero’, is his name, Spreading Mazza his game,
PuzzHero you could be too,
If you have Mazza within you!

Puzzles will find the PuzzHero in you

There is a hero inside of everyone…
and a ‘PuzzHero’ inside everyone who knows how to enjoy!
Here’s how PuzzHero used the super-power withheld in every
pack of Puzzles to find mazza in someone…

And he’s probably visiting you next!

As I sat down with my Chai,
PuzzHero came over, said a “hi”,
“There’s something missing” said I,
As I sipped my Chai with a sigh,
“Let me see” said PuzzHero, “let me try”
Fixing his jigsaw, he flew in the sky,
Made a snack of fun and joy,

‘Oh! That’s Puzzles’, said I,
This yummy pack of bliss I munched,
As I licked my fingers dry,
And to all my gloom, I said bye bye
With Mazza now inside me,
PuzzHero became I…

Lo aa gaya fir Monday, Kaam ka pressure liye, Karke karaari si gupshup, Mazze mein din nikle

Exciting gupshup waale pals, Saath ho Chattpatte Puzzles Toh buss… Mazza Doubles, Khaake Puzzles

Exams ki jab ho worry Studies toh hain zaroori, Leke kuch chattore breaks, Mazze se padhai ho poori

Bachchpann and giggles, Sangh yummy Toons Puzzles Toh buss… Mazza Doubles, Khaake Puzzles

Ho India ka spicy match, Last over ki tension, Har ball pe prediction, Mazze se bharre situation

Excitement ke bubbles, Machaaye khalball, With Puzzles Curlies buss, Mazza Doubles, Khaake Puzzles

Evening time jab aaye, Maange dil bass chai, Mithaas family ki ho saath Mazze se time beet jaaye

Mithaas ke lamhe, Puzzles ke Sakkarpare, Toh wohi baat bus… Mazza Doubles, Khaake Puzzles

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